Testimonies from providers

Shirley has been known to me in a professional capacity for three years, initially by her reputation for delivering training to teaching assistants, school support staff and parents within the London Borough of Enfield’s school. She is held in high regard by fellow professionals and Headteachers for the quality of the training she has provided.

Over the past year I have worked directly with her as she has contributed to a range of courses for school support staff which are held centrally and adhere to national occupational standards as well as the tailored training which she has carried out in individual schools.

Shirley possesses all the qualities of an excellent trainer.


  • She has sensitivity to the needs of adult learners.
  • She is confident to advise on training and development maters to senior leadership teams and Headteachers.
  • She is an expert within her chosen fields who regularly updates and expands her own knowledge and understanding.
  • Her sessions are carefully planned, appropriately resources and enthusiastically delivered.
  • She has the experience of delivering training in a wide range of settings.
    She has outstanding inter-personal skills which coupled with her wide ranging experience enable her to deal appropriately with any challenges which may arise.
    She has a genuine passion to promote the self-esteem and attainment of her trainees.
  • As an experienced consultant Shirley has proved herself as a first rate “partner-provider”.
  • She is extremely self reliant but also keeps other key personnel well appraised. Her enthusiasm for her work is infectious and she is an asset to any training and development programme in which she is involved. I recommend her to you without reservation.

 ✏ Kathy Hall, Learning Consultant, Enfield School Improvement Service


Shirley has worked for Camden's Training and Media Service for several years. During that time she has designed and run training for a range of support staff including teaching assistants, midday supervisors, as well as for teachers. She has delivered a variety of programmes to support staff development, particularly around managing behaviour and developing relationships.

She is an excellent trainer/tutor with a high level of interpersonal skills used to good effect with candidates and colleagues alike. Shirley has consistently high quality evaluations from all her sessions. She is well-prepared and completely reliable. I can thoroughly recommend her.

Gillian Tilbrook, Head of Camden Training & Media Service


Praise for the training

The training was very good - we should have more of it. I have learned a lot about how to listen and communicate with children. I now realise what an important job we are doing.

✏ Lunchtime Supervisor, Burnt Oak Primary School, Gillingham

A huge thank you Shirley! Your work and knowledge substantiated areas we need to develop as a school and the way you ran the training enabled successful communication between staff and myself in an honest non- threatening way. We still have work to do but feel that your training has enabled us to identify where to start. 

✏Senior Manager, Park View Infants Hampshire.

It was a fantastic opportunity for the LTS to come together as a team and feel valued. It also empowered them to take actions and have a stronger voice in school. They enjoyed the opportunity to raise issues and feedback to me and for me to talk to them about some of my expectations in terms of their role and following the systems in place. Shirley developed a great rapour with the staff and I feel they really opened up to her. I also felt that it was a opportunity for them to recognise what they do well and the positive things that happen in school- some facilitated by themselves and some by myself as their line manager. They all identified what they had learned and were very positive about the day.


✏ Deputy Head, Hopping Hill Primary School, Northants




Shirley was enthusiastic and approachable. She was flexible and tailored the training for our needs. All staff benefited from the training. The new staff felt that it was a valuable part of their induction training and more experienced staff valued refreshing effective strategies. The resources used by Shirley were appropriate and interesting. Shirley’s training style was warm and friendly so staff were able to relax and participate fully.

Shirley’s training met the objectives set out at the start. The training allowed us to set targets to improve our lunchtimes further. It also provided strategies which the MTS team can implement”

✏  SENCO Bell Lane Primary school, Barnet