Training for Lunchtime Staff

lunchtime supervisor training in schoolsI offer a range of school based and centrally-based sessions on lunchtime supervisor training to enable schools to provide high quality break times. Courses also focus on lunchtime supervisors and managers working together to improve communication and whole school practice.

I am happy to speak with senior managers to explore your specific issues and to design courses specific for you.


Communicating with Children and Managing Behaviour

This is a 5 hour school based training course for lunchtime staff focusing on developing good practice issues, including: communicating with children, behaviour management, the role of the supervisor, and communication within the school.

Initially the trainer will speak with the headteacher to explore lunchtime practices and areas to be developed. The training needs of the school lunch time supervisors will also be identified. The supervisors will then be provided with 2 school-based half day training sessions focusing on communication skills and behaviour management.

A feedback and action planning session will take place at the end of the training to enable lunchtime supervisors and their managers to identify further whole school practices that can contribute to excellent lunchtimes.
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Communicating with children and Managing Behaviour for "Improving Schools"

This is the ideal course for schools in special measures or deemed to be in need of improvement. The format of the training offered is similar to the course above, with special emphasis on skill development and the creation of excellent lunchtime systems to meet your school's particular needs.
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Positive Lunchtimes: Excellent Behaviour through Active Play

Trainers Shirley Rose and Belle Amooty.
A two morning school-based course to enable primary school lunchtime staff to manage behaviour and organise structured activities for pupils. Participants will undertake and practice teaching the activities. Buddies may be involved and schools will be provided with equipment and instruction cards.
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Excellent Lunchtimes for Children with Special Educational needs and Disability

This 2 morning training will help managers to implement whole school systems to ensure the inclusion of all pupils at lunchtime. The lunchtime team will be trained to communicate, support and manage the behaviour of  pupils with special needs and disability. 

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Healthy Eating

During this one morning session,primary school lunchtime supervisors will learn how to effectively encourage healthy eating.
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Managing Wet Play

Wet play is often a nightmare for lunchtime supervisors and children. With careful planning and creative thinking the experience can be transformed to benefit everyone involved. This course will enable lunchtime staff to develop strategies to manage wet play constructively and to learn about suitable practical games and activities.
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Lunchtime Staff: Emotional Intelligence and the Whole Child
Lunchtime Observation

I offer to observe the school lunchtime period and to prepare detailed feedback. This will be presented to lunchtime supervisors and Headteacher, followed by a facilitated action planning session to ensure the implementation of improvements.
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Safeguarding / Child Protection Training for Lunchtime Staff

A half-day course which helps lunchtime staff recognise the signs of child abuse and the ways to respond appropriately in line with school policies and procedures.
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Emotional Intelligence and the Whole Child

A training session for teachers, teaching assistants and other support staff. The course will cover an introduction to the importance of emotional intelligence. It will explore initiatives and practice developed by schools and nurseries to help children to thrive in this area, and to help staff to contribute with greater confidence to children's emotional learning.
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Training for Senior Lunchtime Supervisors

Senior lunchtime supervisors will benefit from training to develop basic management, supervision and communication skills.
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Responding to Bullying

The majority of bullying takes place at lunchtime. This training helps lunchtime staff to recognise the signs of bullying and to employ strategies to deal with it effectively. 
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