Courses For Children

I provide training and courses for children, to develop young leaders and peer support. Through 'Buddy' training, schools can encourage higher self-esteems and personal development. 

“Buddying” & Peer Support for Primary School Children:

School based training programme and courses for children and staff.

Evidence shows that peer group support schemes have a positive influence on the emotional climate of the whole school. This can contribute to a reduction in bullying and a happy playground experience. Children and young people in distress often turn first to a peer for help. “Buddies” can initiate play, befriend isolated pupils, and help their peers to resolve difficulties. To successfully sustain such a scheme, children need specialised training and on-going support from the school. 


To assist schools with setting up a "buddying" scheme.
To train selected children in:

  • The role of "the buddy"
  • Ways of befriending, and initiating play with children in the playground
  • Ways to listen, to support peers and to mediate when appropriate


By the end of this training, participants will have attained:

  • Increased self-esteem and personal development
  • A deeper understanding of the role of peer support
  • Active listening skills
  • A range of strategies to befriend and support peers in every day interactions
  • Skills to help peers play
  • A clear understanding of when to involve an adult

The Training Package

Preparation: including a telephone discussion or meeting with the Headteacher/SENCO focusing on developing and managing a peer support system. The specific needs of your school will be addressed.

Delivery: Two one-hour group training sessions with the selected children and the SENCO focusing on the above objectives.

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Young Leaders

This package trains Young leaders / Buddies to provide structured activities for their peers, creating outstanding, active lunchtime breaks. This will support the lunchtime staff whilst developing young leaders’ skills, fitness and sense of responsibility.

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