Teaching Assistants : Behaviour Management for Teaching Assistants - for primary or secondary school support Staff

I am an experienced and well established consultant and trainer, and a leading expert in developing excellent school lunchtimes. I also offer safeguarding children training for whole school staff, special schools, Designated Safeguarding Leads and Governors/trustees

I work for universities, education authorities, professional developments centres and schools throughout the UK to facilitate excellent whole school practices, and provide training for:

All members of the school community benefit when clear systems are in place, and when support staff feel valued and can develop appropriate knowledge and skills.

By working with senior managers with responsibility for lunchtime, alongside the lunchtime team, barriers are often quickly overcome and progress is impressive.

I have written extensively on the subject, and am the author of The Handbook of Lunchtime Supervision.

I am a qualified social worker, adult education and parenting tutor






I offer a range of school-centred courses including workshops for  whole school staff, lunchtime supervisors and teaching assistants, covering:

  • Safeguarding Children
  • Communicating with children
  • Restorative Justice
  • Managing behaviour
  • Positive lunchtimes with active play
  • Supporting SEN pupils at lunchtime


I also provide training on 'buddy' systems and peer support for children and staff.


"I have learned a lot about how to listen and communicate with children. I now realise what an important job we are doing"

Lunchtime Supervisor, Burnt Oak Primary School, Gillingham

"I can confirm that Shirley’s training was fantastic and accessible for all staff.

In addition, Shirley will be able to bespoke the training to fit the needs of your school.

Our school had an Ofsted Inspection last week and Inspectors were pleased to see the training (delivered by Shirley) in September 2017, covered various aspects aside from just child protection - such as Prevent, FGB, forced marriage and honour based violence, sexting, child sexual exploitation and cyber bullying."

   Head Teacher Wolfs Field Primary School Ealing